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Your own customised Spacer in 1½ weeks.
Your first race in your new car with your new seat. But how? Simply make an appointment with us. At the track? Sure, no problem. Or we can come to you. Let us sort out your seat fitting. We’ll scan seat pattern and send you your Spacer in just one-and-a-half weeks.
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Scanned once, unlimited orders.
We safely store away your seat insert away as a 3D image file, with no loss of detail. Did you lose your Spacer? Or was it damaged? Not a problem. Simply order the same Spacer again, without the need for an additional fitting and in the same high-quality, flame-retardant lightweight EPP material.
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Do you already have 3D data of your seat insert?
We can take your existing 3D data of your Spacer and create a custom milling profile, and from that a new Spacer. Want to order a new insert? You can do so at any time.
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Every single track is different, every single turn is a new challenge. Every single race is the hardest, every single second costs all the effort your body can muster. Every single movement requires energy, concentration – and valuable time.


Three keys to improved comfort.

More cornering stability
The Spacer tangibly reduces the amount you move around in your seat – in every corner and any on-track situation. It makes you feel at one with your car, giving you better feedback from your driving.
More unique
Every Spacer is unique, just like every racing driver. Our specialists product your seat insert to precisely fit your body and contours. If you need a new Spacer, we’ll make a new one. Using the 3D profile we safely store away, without the new for any new adjustments.
More safety
Spacers are a practical solution to a practical problem, forged out of motorsport experience. Because your Spacer fits your body down to the last millimetre, it will stop you moving around inside the car if you have an accident.


Not just any seat insert. Your seat insert.

Stable, robust, lightweight, flame-retardant: We manufacture each Spacer uniquely using EPP material. The robust high-tech foam material is at the core of the insert, with the high-quality cover finishing it off.
Ability to compare individual driver seating position.
Does your seat unit have an air-cooling system? The seat insert can distribute airflow uniformly in the armrest. All thanks to a milled network of air channels.
Specially made seat inserts produced from a single scan also possible: for endurance races, sprint races, etc.
We produce your Spacer on the basis of a precise, tailor-made seat fitting using your individual driver and vehicle data. This fitting takes around one hour and removes the need for any laborious remeasurement work or subsequent adjustments.
The Spacer brings you and your car together as one. It fills out all the gaps between you and your seat. Not just any racing seat, your racing seat – made with your own data. And for your success!


5 steps to your own personal seat insert.

You, your car, your racing suit. The first job is to take a look at all the different components. Then we’ll record your unique seating pattern and go through what you want and need from your seat insert.
3D scan
The next job is to produce an exact scan of your data. This can be done anywhere in the world, including at the race track. We will send your 3D profile directly to our manufacturing department.
Our seat experts manufacture your own personalised seat insert, taking into account all of your specific requirements. More material here? Less material there? You can tell us exactly what you need.
CNC milling
Now it’s time for our precision workers to get started. Our CNC robot precision cuts your Spacer from a single EPP block. We can also add ventilation slots if required, just like in your actual seat.
Strong finish. Our upholstery experts can also produce a tailor-made cover for your seat insert, complete with your team logo and your name in whatever colour you like.


By your side.

Our experts are on hand to take care of everything. We can carry out your seat fitting anywhere in the world, simply arrange an appointment. At the race track or wherever you want us to be.
Order a new seat insert. Did you damage or break your seat insert? Don’t worry! We can send you a new one in just a matter of days. Without the need for for a new seat fitting.
Custom-made: We can customise your seat insert with stitched team and driver names.
Need more information? Just give us a call. We can tell you how the Spacer works and all the ways it can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material is used to make the Spacer?
The Spacer is made from EPP (expanded polypropylene), a specially designed hard foam material. The fabric is made from Perlon Velours, making the insert extremely flame-resistant.
How long does it take to adjust and scan the seat insert?
Around 1 hour, depending on how many adjustments are required.
How long does it take to produce the Spacer?
From scan to finished insert takes around 1 ½ weeks.
How much does a Spacer cost?
We will gladly prepare an individual offer for you. Just give us a call.
Can you produce seat inserts for every race series?
Every seat insert is a one of a kind. That means that we can create your Spacer in line with your own individual requirements and those of the series you are racing in.


More than a thousand words.

» We race GT3 cars in a wide variety of different series. soft trim is an expert partner and is able to create the best possible seating position for our drivers in both professional and amateur motorsport. «

Robert Renauer, Team boss & driver
» The SPACER has become an essential part of the car for me. It gives me the certainty that I can get into the car at any time and immediately feel comfortable. In 2022, I won the 24-hour race in Daytona for the first time with this seat shell on board. «

Mathieu Jaminet, Porsche factory driver
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» soft trim is a reliable partner for many years now. Ordering seat shells is so uncomplicated. We get them delivered just a few days later. And that's saying something, as our team is based in Malaysia. «

Earl Bamber, Team boss and driver
» First off, thank you for making such a great seat insert! Matt Campbell and Mathieu Jaminet used the SPACER in our car all season, and we have no complaints whatsoever. The quality of the product is impressive – it lasted the abuse of a full season with no issues in terms of wear and tear, and fit perfectly as well as looked professional! Thank you! «

Steve Bortolotti, Teamchef Pfaff Motorsports
» As a professional driver, it is important to be able to pass on my feedback directly to the engineers. It's the same with the guys from soft trim, who are always trying to develop the SPACER further. «

Klaus Bachler, Porsche Routinier
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Your seat is the key link between man and machine – and soft trim is the link between the automotive and automotive supplier industry as an independent development and manufacturing partner for seats and seat systems.


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